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Danielle SeeWalker

(US, 1983)

Danielle SeeWalker is a Húŋkpapȟa Lakȟóta citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and currently resides in Denver. Danielle is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, activist and most importantly a mother of two. In her art practices, SeeWalker works across disciplines to explore the intersections of Native American stereotypes, microaggressions, and colonialist systems, both historically and in contemporary society. Drawing on au courant color palettes, expressionistic art strategies, and her Lakȟóta traditions, SeeWalker spins her work into a contemporary vision to elevate historical perspectives as told from the side not often heard.

"There is a big lack of street art by Native American women and especially art that represents us. When we do see Native street art, we usually see the stereotypical icons like the war chief in a headdress but our women are rarely represented, especially in a fun, contemporary way. Growing up, I have always loved pop art but never saw figures that looked like me or represented my community. This mural is my version of Native Matriarch Pop. The Lakȟóta people are a matriarchal society and our women have always been the backbone of our communities and that needs to be represented. This mural is dedicated to all the Native nieces, sisters, aunties, mothers and grandmas." / Danielle SeeWalker

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