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Carl KENZ installation truck graffiti Straat international street art museum



Truck donated by Carl KENZ

Carl transformed the truck in which he travelled across Europe to paint in different cities, into a utopian artwork. On one side of this unusual installation, we see a manchineel - a native tree of the Americas - with its ‘little apple of death’. The fruit earned its name as it grows on one of the most toxic trees in the world. In Carl’s painting it can be seen as a big middle finger from nature, in response to our careless attitudes towards the environment. The other side of the truck features a peace sign, also made from nature, suggesting there is another possible reality in which we do look after the environment. Behind the steering wheel, we see a character with Carl’s trademark tentacles, meant to question our ideals of beauty.

Work in progress

Carl Kenz Straat Museum Amsterdam
Carl Kenz Straat Museum Amsterdam
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