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ar graffiti, straat museum, werc collective


(The Netherlands)

AR Graffiti is an interactive installation that combines graffiti art with animation and projection, together creating an augmented reality (AR) artwork. With AR Graffiti, various graffiti components are brought to life by projecting different digital layers on top of painted graffiti elements.

With this installation, the interdisciplinary artist collective WERC presents a completely new art form. AR Graffiti transforms a graffiti piece, normally a static image, into a dynamic work of art.

“Because AR Graffiti is partly digitally designed, it is not necessary to choose one final image. The image of AR Graffiti is constantly changing, giving visitors the chance to make their own choices and combinations.” / WERC

How does it work?

By touching the hands that appear on the wall, you can alter this artwork. 

The outline of the graffiti piece forms the basis of this installation. The outline consists of four letters: WERC. Each letter has four elements: background, 3D, fill-in and add-on. These elements are painted on the wall in different shades of gray.

The graffiti elements of AR Graffiti are painted with electrically conductive paint. By touching one of the details with your hand, you trigger the video projection, which causes the image of AR Graffiti to change. This gives you the opportunity to implement your own choices and combinations in the image. If you touch one of the graffiti elements, the corresponding video projection will be projected over the entire wall to complete the graffiti piece. There are a total of sixteen videos, with which hundreds of combinations can be made. 

The video projections consist of animations designed by WERC. Each animation appears, moves and disappears in its own unique way. A wide variety of different animation techniques have been used for this work, from 3D animation to keyframe to hand-drawn frame by frame animations. The color combinations of the different animations are generated by a computer and are constantly changing. 

AR Graffiti is supported by music composed by Freddy4:3. The music is linked to the graffiti elements that can be seen in the work. The fill-ins have their own drum loops, each background has its own bassline and the add-ons and the 3D consist of different melodies. You can change both the image and the soundscape of AR Graffiti.

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