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Discover the magic of STRAAT after hours with mesmerizing performances

Next edition


STRAATSTUKKEN is dedicated to enriching your STRAAT experience through multiple performances, such as live music, poetry and art. It’s a recurring event, giving everyone the chance to taste the magic of STRAAT at night. The next edition will take place Saturday, July 23rd.

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Tickets: € 17,50 / Including one free welcome drink and free bites throughout the evening


STRAAT is the museum for street art and graffiti. We showcase more than 150 artworks in a monumental warehouse in Amsterdam-Noord. During our regular opening hours, we are open till 6 PM. STRAATSTUKKEN allows you to experience the magic of STRAAT after hours. When the sun sets and the evening lights are turned on, the artworks on display will come alive in ways you’ve never seen before, especially in combination with the scheduled performances.

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