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Funky Friday @ STRAAT - artwork by @vyalone

Funky Friday @ STRAAT

Good news! To offer you the closest thing to both visiting our museum and partying the night away, we proudly present FUNKY FRIDAY @ STRAAT. We’ve invited @djirwan - unfortunately Irwan called in sick last minute, get well soon! -  @djturne and @djsuperior to come rock our house and your house live at our museum. When and where, you say? This Friday, January 27th, from 3.30 PM till 7.30 PM at 

With a line-up this funky, you can expect the funk to be strong. Get ready to experience the closest thing to an old-fashioned party. Dance in your own living room like nobody’s watching. Share a collective party vibe separately and safely. Join STRAAT, DJ Irwan, DJ Turne and DJ Superior in our collective effort to have us all enjoy some connectedness. Bring on da funk!